I am a retired DOJ-Federal Bureau of Prison’s employee with over 30 years of experience working with the incarcerated, attorneys and law enforcement.  While employed with the government, I worked in case management capacities for the Correctional Programs Division, which included assignments in the Philadelphia Regional Office and the New York City Community Corrections Office.

I participated in national policy writing workgroups, trained facility staff and participated in auditing facilities throughout the Northeast United States. During my career he received 3 national awards and over 30 meritorious performance awards.  

Prior to my Federal government service, I was a Probation & Parole Officer in the Commonwealth of PA (Pike County). I received an Honorable Discharge from the US Army where I served as a Military Policeman and Stinger Missile Gunner. 

My passion is prison reform and I also serve on several non-profit boards. I am a member of the NACDL Corrections Committee and am the chair for an ABA sub-committee on BOP policy. I have testified on Federal prison issues throughout the United States and provide training to Federal Defenders, Judges and the CJA Panel. 

Aside from my private business, I am the co-founder and VP of Prisonology, LLC and the Director of Case Management Services for FedCURE . 

My perspectives have been quoted in the national media including Forbes, The New York Times, Bloomberg News. I have appeared in documentaries on CNBC and for the Center for Public Integrity. 

After retiring from the Federal Bureau of Prison, I became involved with federal prison reform in D.C. but it wasn’t until Hampton approached me that I realized the even greater need to support our community and local justice initiatives. The nature of our rural area presents unique challenges and has not escaped the nation crisis from addiction and the damaged it has caused.  Our local resources are lacking and fragmented so I think we can fill a void to support individuals as well as the local organizations with a similar focus. 

What I really appreciated was the pro bono volunteer work they have done over the years rather than the people I deal with within the DC beltway that are well “paid” reformers with more of an alliance to the organization and politics rather than the individual requiring the resources.  I think this organization can be a positive factor going forward and I hope to help develop various needed programs and services.   

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