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Choosing Integrity helps Pike inmates rebuild their lives, in and out of jail

Milford. Two former inmates, Tracy Pirl and Christina Uhelsky, said the worst part of their recovery was overcoming the stigma of addiction.

Excerpt from the article by Frances Ruth Harris

“Everybody knew of the monster I was and what I did,” said Tracy Pirl. “I chewed everybody up and spit them out.” Christina Uhelsky spent six months in jail for endangering the welfare of a child — her own children — when she overdosed in a car. Her son helped her.

Pirl and Uhelsky said the one thing they have now, following their incarcerations at Pike County Correctional Facility, is confidence. They said Choosing Integrity, not-for-profit corporation that supports men and women who are in custody or recently released from the Pike jail, and its executive director, Luke Barbalich, bolstered their sobriety and helped reverse the poor decision making that comes from addiction.

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